Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

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The Challenge.
How do you reinvent the website of an iconic Tasmanian brand to deliver better business results, while also remaining relevant to a wide user group?

The Solution.
At Ionata Web Solutions we undertook an extensive scoping project that identified how the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s website could better support the essence of the brand, by showing their unique, dynamic and diverse offering to inspire stronger online ticket sales.

How we did it.
The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) needed a major overhaul of their website to make it more interactive for customers, drive online sales, and improve ticketing – all while consolidating and reinforcing their already high-end brand.

Through extensive planning and research Ionata identified that any changes to the TSO website needed to be sympathetic to the user group – a diverse group of ages and technical skills – while also providing high tech functionality wrapped in an approachable and engaging interface. It needed to be elegant and easy to use, engaging to visit and align with the brand values of the TSO. Importantly, the website also needed to have a big enough ‘engine’ to handle peak traffic periods during ticket sales and the release of event information.

Our experience in producing an array of e-commerce and branding websites allowed us to develop a ‘build and execution’ strategy that encompassed a ground-up solution while also working with external design and branding agencies.

The result was a new website that not only allowed the user a rewarding and engaging online experience, but continues to deliver solid growth in online sales.

At Ionata we delivered a harmonious blend of great web architecture that seamlessly linked to a robust e-commerce solution.

That’s why we’re called Ionata Web Solutions.