Panorama Vineyard

The Challenge.
How do you take a respected and well-known wine brand and update their website to make it a better place for transactions, while continuing a strong relationship with existing customers?

The Solution.
At Ionata Web Solutions we re-designed and re-engineered Panaroma Vineyard’s website from the ground up, with a strong focus on ensuring we kept in alignment with the brand and made the user process as easy and enticing as possible.

How we did it.
Panorama Vineyard, located in Cradoc, south of Hobart is a family owned and operated success story, supplying wines to a dedicated audience around the state, the country and the globe, as well as an inclusion on Qantas’ exclusive First Class in-flight wine list.

For such an engaging brand however, their website – and in particular their ordering system – was less than satisfactory. With a largely web-based customer base, this ‘off-brand’ experience was proving detrimental to existing clients, and threatened attracting future online growth.

At Ionata Web Solutions we quickly identified the key issues and, working with a local design agency, combined to implement a new-look website that not only improved the customer experience with strong, clean visuals, but enhanced the website’s user interface by providing a more intuitive structure across all the different aspects that needed to be communicated. Product display, tasting notes, awards and ordering functionality came to the fore and provided an online brand presence that was hand-in-glove with the ethos and actions of the Vineyard itself.

Since implementing the new website, Panorama’s sales have continued to grow, retaining loyal customers and attracting new enthusiasts.

At Ionata our design solution turned ‘practical’ into ‘functional’ and ensured a seamless journey between the grapevine and online.

That’s why we’re called Ionata Web Solutions.