UC Leavers

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The Challenge.
How do you take a strong business idea and, in the face of stiff commercial competition, provide a value-based solution that engages with one of the toughest target audiences in the worlds of online and social marketing: the internet-savvy 17 year-old?

The Solution.
At Ionata Web Solutions we created an engaging web interface from the ground up that increased market share by being accessible to a national audience, while decreasing sales costs by allowing for input from the customer to create a clear design brief and involve themselves in the actual design process.

How we did it.
Traditional school wear manufacturer Uniform City identified a unique market opportunity – that of the ubiquitous School Leavers top. However in the face of a challenging business environment that encompassed competition from high volume, low margin enterprises with minimal wage costs, a solution needed to be found that allowed them to compete in a cost-effective way. Uniform City needed to take the next step to stay ahead of the competition.

Ionata’s brief was to find a solution that addressed the most time-consuming aspect of Leavers Top design – the hours chewed up by excited teenagers designing through a less-than-exact process of peer-fed decision making.

Our solution was centered on enabling the customer to be the designer – all in their own time. Through a ‘DIY’ interface, students could customise their own design, collaborate, share the results via Facebook and then provide the final product to Uniform City ready for production.

The interface not only needed to cater to the demands of the customer, but it also had to fit within Uniform City’s production requirements including quoting and manufacturing.

By incorporating the very social marketing tools that were once a hindrance, the end result for Uniform City is a success, delivered on time, within budget and with full after-build support.

We translated Uniform City’s vision into technology that works.

It’s why we’re called Ionata Web Solutions.