Hobart Airport Undercover Parking

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The Challenge.
How do you take a business’ traditional ‘business-hours’, paper-based booking system and implement a fully integrated 24/7 online booking system, while still keeping a ‘personal’ touch throughout every stage of client contact?

The Solution.
At Ionata Web Solutions we developed a business system that allowed for a streamlined, cohesive and easy online experience that allowed for an increase in business capacity and gave the business a strong competitive edge.

How we did it.
Hobart Undercover Airport Parking has always been proud of understanding and meeting the needs of their customers. And in a business where time management is vital – from meeting flights to the inevitable delays in returning on time – delivering the perfect balance of customer service and responsiveness had seen the business grow.

The next step was to take those same successful business principles into the potentially cold and impersonal online world. Importantly, not only were customers now expecting this level service, but going online presented a unique opportunity for Hobart Undercover Airport Parking to set themselves apart from their competitors.

What was needed was a robust online business system that could handle 24/7 customer demands with ease, while still keeping the signature levels of outstanding customer service. The conversion from a traditional ‘business hours only’ operation to one where bookings could be made around the clock meant that Hobart Undercover Airport Parking needed a streamlined, always-on web application that met the needs of both the customer and the business.
With the key goals of service levels and ease of use, Ionata delivered Hobart Undercover Airport Parking an apparently simple yet highly robust online solution that managed all degrees of customer demands – and handled them with ease.

In addition to a seamless online experience for customers, we also attracted additional web traffic through effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), resulting in Hobart Undercover Airport Parking continually being ranked number one and number two in SEO. Having a strong and easy-to-use online presence meant that a high percentage of these search enquires could be easily converted into actual bookings.

Customer service, flexibility and ease of use are all assets key to the success of Hobart Undercover Airport Parking. And they’re also the building blocks of our business, too.

At Ionata, not only do we providing intelligent, user-friendly and exciting ecommerce solutions, but we can make the incredibly complex easy to understand.

That’s why we’re called Ionata Web Solutions.