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The Challenge.
How do you take a respected online learning tool and migrate it to a more modern, customer focused, user-friendly system with a dynamic interface?

The Solution.
At Ionata Web Solutions we worked with the Learning Edge International to ‘re-understand’ the product, where it had changed and what it now needed to become.

How we did it.
A Tasmanian company, the Learning Edge International created EQUELLA – a single, central repository that stores and manages content, exam papers, media and theses, and integrates the data with leading online learning tools, enabling educators to classify, archive or share materials between campuses, institutions or countries. Adopted by universities, colleges and school systems around the world, EQUELLA clients include Coventry University, Kings College London, DeVry University, BCcampus, and Deakin University.

Over time however, this success bought changes. With each new customer, EQUELLA grew, and accordingly became more complicated to use. Ionata was asked to undertake a review of the user experience and design a more user-friendly and dynamic interface.

The key to effective website design is to consider both form and function. We respectfully challenged assumptions and habits formed around the product, and questioned the user experience from both the customer and the client’s perspective. These insights enabled us to provide a re-structure and a new user interface design of EQUELLA, which resulted in an elegant, intuitive web system that was independently reviewed to great acclaim.

In the non-web world, great products that don’t change can become iconic. Unfortunately in the online world, it takes change to remain great.

At Ionata, we know that as technology changes, so to do the expectations of the user.

That’s why we’re called Ionata Web Solutions.