Tourism Tasmania

The Challenge.
As a tourism business with little online experience, how do you enter the online world from scratch, and make your business stand out in a crowd?

The Solution.
At Ionata Web Solutions we run a highly successful Digital Coaching business to demystify online marketing for tourism operators new to the web.

How we did it.
Anecdotal research suggests that over half of all holiday bookings are made on the internet. Based on that level of actual online transacting, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that a much higher percentage of people are researching destinations and activities, building itineraries and making decisions based on the information they find on the web.

For a Bed & Breakfast operator, or a tourist experience provider who doesn’t sit in front of a computer all day, these figures could prove to be eye-opening – if not business defining.

That’s why Martin Anderson, Ionata’s Managing Director is a fantastic fit as a Mentor within Tourism Tasmania’s Digital Coaching program.

Martin’s extensive experience in developing Ionata’s renowned strategic and technical advice has seen him travel extensively around the state training tourism operators with the aim of demystifying online marketing.

By helping local businesses identify achievable strategies, Ionata is directly helping operators to improve their business outcomes in an area where participation is almost mandatory.

By helping people consider how they can market to a waiting online audience, Ionata is helping to grow confidence and activity in an industry key to Tasmania’s success.

That’s why we’re called Ionata Web Solutions.