Babes In Arms

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The Challenge.
How do you create a sophisticated e-commerce system that showcases multiple brands in a highly discerning retail sector, as well as a wholesale inventory management system – all for a business that very quickly began punching above its weight?

The Solution.
At Ionata Web Solutions, our experience in producing a diverse range of successful e-commerce websites for a wide variety of clients meant that through solid strategy and planning we could integrate intelligent functionality into a website that manages fast growth and complex simultaneous brand messages.

How we did it.
As new parents, Anita and Ralph were frustrated by a lack of user-friendly information when trying to source a stylish and functional baby sling product online. Tapping into their drive and initiative, their next creation was Babes In Arms – a wholesale Baby Sling commerce site run from their home that relied on a static website maintained by a third party operator.

As their business grew, an online solution was needed that better met their needs, the needs of their customers, and also allowed the Babes In Arms website to become a source of information, advice and interaction for the parenting community keen to adopt the Baby Sling lifestyle. Like many things, the longer an upgrade to a website is left, the more daunting it can seem.

Our approach was to ensure a holistic understanding of the critical needs and plans for the Babes In Arms business, as well as develop an understanding of the needs of the Babes In Arms target audience.

After first implementing an effective inventory and retail management system that could be administered in-house, of equal importance was establishing the opportunity to engage customers through managed social media content including Facebook, Twitter and blogging. The strategy was not just to inform customers of the latest products – they needed to be included and involved in the business, and with other parents.

The strategy and planning into the Babes In Arms online business has paid off. The volume of sales has continued to grow, while the success of the enterprise has been demonstrated by Babes In Arms securing the online rights to a major Australian baby sling and accessory brand. And importantly we helped build their team so that they could execute the strategy into the future. With the anticipation of further success, the website itself has been ‘future-proofed’ to scale as the company needs, without the need for costly and expensive rebuilds – another example of the opportunities that come from thinking and planning ahead.

At Ionata, our strategic approach provided Babes In Arms with not only an effective technical solution, but also a holistic online entity that provides a seamless and engaging customer experience.

It’s why we’re called Ionata Web Solutions.