Our new website is live! We hope you like it.

As well as a new website we have a newfound respect for how difficult it is for our customers to finish an internal project alongside their other work. It’s seriously tough to juggle internal projects along with other business priorities… Wow!

So, how did we do it? What goes into relaunching a website anyway? Typically it’s hard to give concrete examples but since this is our website we can show you some of the documents and ideas behind the website design.

It started with a brief
We thought you’d like to see some of the thinking which went into our site design. It’s the sort of thing we help our customers work through. With this in mind, here’s the brief and associated the sitemap and wireframes we used to guide the project.

We know it’s just the beginning
Like any good website process launching is just the end of phase 1.

We have a schedule of activities for all the extra work which will be needed to get the site running smoothly and performing for us:

  • Posting new content regularly to keep things fresh
  • Checking the analytics to see how people use the site
  • Trying out some different template ideas to see what converts best

Did we nail it?
What do you think of the design – do you think we delivered on the brief successfully?

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  • Sharyn White says:

    Hi guys – love the new web-site. thank you for sharing your approach – it’s a really helpful perspective.
    I particularly like the B&W “sketch” approach, then alleviated with the colorful screen grabs re your case studies, clients, etc. Very effective!