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What happens in 60 seconds online.

Pause for a moment and think about this; it’s 2013. The Sydney olympics were 13 years ago, we have a female Prime Minister (for now) and we still don’t know what to call this decade (The thousands?) We may not have hoverboards and space travel yet as previous generations had promised, but we do have a pretty awesome thing called the internet. It has come a long way in the last few years, but this year will be a pretty big one in terms of what will become popular and possible in web design and development.

To illustrate the volume of information flying around, the lovely folks at Intel have created this infographic to visualise an Internet Minute. Have a look for yourself and prepare to have your mind blown (We particularly like the 135 botnet infections per minute stat!)


Good social

Here’s a good example of effective social media content by Phill Mason. It ticks some big boxes which has contributed to it’s viral spread:

  • It’s highly visual – optimised for photo sharing, simple message.
  • It’s “on brand” – relevant to their core business and their value proposition.
  • It’s emotive – Tasmanian’s can take pride in this and make it their own by sharing with friends.

Beyond that it’s super simple!  I like it.

Should you worry about Facebook promoted posts?

Like many people who are regular Facebook users, I’ve been bugged by Facebook to pay to promote my post.

Facebook is really keen on it, offering me the chance to promote both personal and Ionata status updates but what is it all about? Why would I want to pay to highlight an important post on Facebook? Doesn’t everyone see my status updates anyway?

Facebook Reach

Well as it turns out, no. Not everyone sees all your status updates. In fact Facebook estimate that only 12% of your Facebook friends see any particular status update. For businesses updates it’s a little higher, you might get your post read by 16% of your likers.

You might have noticed that Facebook have started telling you the number of people you reached just underneath each status update.

When you stop and think about this it makes sense. Not everyone is on Facebook all the time and who can be bothered scrolling back through time to read all the status updates you missed while you offline.

Facebook already tries to pick the best posts and highlight them

Facebook tries to help you manage the deluge of posts that are created by the people and brands you follow using an algorithm called EdgeRank. EdgeRank is a weighting system that tries to make sure that you see the most interesting and valuable status updates even if you aren’t checking Facebook obsessively 24 hours a day. EdgeRank moves the most valuable status updates up to the top of your news feed.

EdgeRank isn’t new and the reality is that not all of your Facebook friends or likers have been seeing all of your posts for a long time.

Will everyone see my promoted post?

No, even if you pay to promote your post not all your Facebook friends or likers will see it. If people don’t log onto Facebook while your post is fresh and current then they won’t see it, simple as that.

So what can you do?

  • Keep your updates short and sharp - don’t write an essay, Facebook updates shouldn’t be much longer than a Twitter tweet. A couple of sentences and around 150 characters.
  • Use images and video- updates that have a feature images or videos are more engaging and have more reach than status updates that don’t.
  • Do more than promote yourself - your Facebook page should be a community of people who love your brand, not just a place for you to flog your sale items.
  • Accept that you won’t ever reach 100% - even promoted posts won’t reach 100% of your friends or likers.

 And should you pay for a promoted post?

Yes there are times when it’s a great idea to stick your posts to the top of people’s news feeds for a while. Consider using promoted posts when you have exclusive events or news item to share, that will get people talking about your page.

Promoting a current offer while make sure as many people as possible see the offer and promoting a question to your likers tells your followers that you value their opinion.