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6 lessons from NBN Checker – Viral, social, mental.

As I write this we are currently in our 4th crazy day of the NBN Checker.

What a started as a Hack Day project for two team members has snowballed into a viral social campaign which has already pulled in over 80,000 90,000 105,000 135,000 unique visitors from all around Australia.

Can you get NBN?


NBN Checker was born out of our frustrations as an internet company trying to get access to high-speed broadband. Since we were advised that the NBN was available in our street in July 2013 we have been pushing hard to get connected without any success.


A mobile OS from a whole new perspective…


At least, that’s what Apple will tell you if you visit their website today.

But is the impending launch of iOS7 really as big a deal as we’re led to believe? Will it revolutionise your mobile experience? Can your retinas handle the searing brights of the new colour scheme?

These are all important questions which deserve answers… how convenient we have (our versions of ) them then.

At Ionata HQ, Martin and Toby have been running the beta version of the software for some time and have formed some solid opinions about the new direction we’re about to be forced into.

Read on for a blow-by-blow, a mano-a-mano if you like, of how we rate the key features.

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